Imbolc 2017

Welcome to the Increasing Light!

Here inincreasinglight Florida we have had a more mild winter than most. As I write this, it is 80 degrees. In fact, there was a joke going around that Florida did not want to participate in winter this year. Sometimes I forget it is winter in other areas of the world. When I lived in the Northeast, I eagerly awaited for the first flowers. We had crocuses and snowdrops. When I saw their heads peeking out of the snow, it was a sign spring was coming soon. Imbolc means “in the belly.” The earth is beginning to wake after a winter’s sleep. In the Dianic tradition, we honor the quickening in the womb. It is a time of initiations and new beginnings. In 2005, I was initiated into the Apple Branch Dianic tradition. It was a moment that changed my life.

womensmarchWith the Inauguration, we face more upheaval ahead. I was not happy about the outcome of the election and went into a deep funk, deactivated my Facebook and stopped watching television. We even considered moving out of the country until I found out we would lose our health insurance. Then I realized the Dali Lama had said something a while ago that I needed to hear again. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” On March 8th, we will be celebrating International Women’s Day. The theme this year is “Be Bold for Change.” We need to help make a more gender inclusive world. The World Economic Forum predicts the gender gap will not be reached until 2186. That is too long to wait.

This is the year to become an advocate for those whose voice is not heard. I do not know where this will take me but I am excited about the prospect. I went to my very first meeting of the local NOW. The speakers discussed the issues facing the LGBQT+ community and the new administration. We also streamed the Women’s March in Washington. I am sure there will be people unhappy with what I have to say and to those, I am sincerely sorry. I was so happy to see the number of local women that travelled to Washington, D.C. The images of the Women’s Marches around the world certainly made a statement! My husband and I will be attending the NOW National Conference in Orlando this summer.

nowWe are the Resistance!
We will not sit down!
We will stand up and be heard!

And so begins the year of being an Activist!!!

May we all be the change in the world.

Blessings of the Season,

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