First Fruits 2017

Welcome to the First Harvest

Balmy FloridaThe wheel has turned again and we find ourselves at the first of three harvests. Here in Florida, we have had nice berry crops coming in. The weather has been so hot and unpredictable. We have had a lot of rain for days at a time and flooding in areas, while other areas had no rain at all.

This time of year, we celebrate the arrival of the first fruits. We also honor the Mother Goddess and a time of ripening. We focus on abundance for all but also need to weed out the unwanted so our harvest can prosper. For my personal harvest, I want to become Flowermore involved with environmental activism. Mother Earth needs as much help as She can get right now especially in light of the fate of the EPA and the status of climate change.

I attend monthly meetings for the Gulf Coast Women’s March group and the National Organization for Women (NOW). Last weekend, I attended a Women’s Day at the Mosque, which was amazing. The women were so open and gracious to have us there. Next week, I am attending an Activist Boot Camp. One of the topics that will be addressed is “Why Run? The importance of women in politics.”

As I mentioned before, after the election I was depressed and then I was angry. This triggered strong emotions that I could not control. I took to Twitter and ranted. It felt good but it was not really productive. These days, I find myself ranting less and doing more. A friend of mine recently told me about her coworkers asking, “Well, what can I do about it? I work full time and don’t have a lot of money.” She told them you can be a part time activist and you do not need money. You can make calls, sign petitions and attend meetings. Find a group that resonates with you and volunteer. In Donna Henes’ book, Myself the Queen, she writes,

Donna Henes Queen of MyselfAnd you might well ask, “What can I do? What can just one person do?” The answer is Do Something. Do just one simple thing. You’ve got to start somewhere. Start small.” (Location 2743, Kindle edition)

She goes on to explain all you need is fifteen minutes a day.

“Allot fifteen minutes a day to speak out on issues that are meaningful to you. Make your opinion known. Contact your representatives and urge them to vote in a way as to really represent you. Send emails. Sign petitions. Make phone calls. Write letters to the editor of your local paper. Write checks. Fifteen minutes a day is definitely doable—just a brief break in your busy schedule. It is possible to accomplish quite a lot in just fifteen minutes. And those short quarter-hours sure add up.

15 minutes a day is almost two hours a week.

15 minutes a day is eight hours a month.

15 minutes a day is sixty hours a year.

15 minutes a day over a year is two and a half days.” (Location 2749, Kindle edition)

The important thing to do is to do something. ACT!

May your harvest be abundant.


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