Beltane 2017

Welcome to Beltane, a Season of Fire.

Happy May Day! Right now, people are dancing merrily around the May Pole. Others are celebrating May Day by delivering May baskets to their neighbors. Here in Florida, we are in the throes of summertime. It has been in the 90’s with no rain in sight. Everything outside is turning brown from the high temperatures. Over the weekend, we had record-breaking temperatures. My husband took this picture of the sun setting over the backyard.

Beltane normally falls within the Ogham Tree MoonSun  of Huath. This is a time for cleaning the temples, which also means our bodies. We should look at how we feed ourselves not only physically but also mentally. If there are areas of your life that need to be changed, now is the time to do it. Beltane is also the time to honor our sexuality.

As Dianics, we celebrate our women’s blood and at Beltane we honor young women as the Maiden. They become women through their first menstruation. Women’s blood is symbolic for our potential to create life whether it is through childbirth or creativity.

The Sandhill cranes have been walking around with their new babies. They are so cute and grow up so fast. We are waiting for the turkeys to show us their new babies. So far, we have seen the males with a few females but no babies.

Take some time to honor yourself and have some fun doing something creative.

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May you be blessed,