Autumn Equinox 2017

Greetings of the Autumn Equinox

Welcome second harvest! It is the time when day and night are equal. I have noticed the shorter days as the sunset arrives earlier each passing day. Here in Florida, we usually do not have a change in seasons.

We were able to see the eclipse although it was only a partial eclipse here. We stood outside and waited patiently with our piece of paper with a pinhole and a camera. I was paying such close attention to the image on the paper and almost missed an important moment. When the eclipse was at the peak, the dragonflies and night hawk started flying around in circles. They were confused at the color of the sky and thought it was dusk.

This is time of year when I miss the gingko trees we had up north. We tried to grow them here in Florida but the oaks overshadowed them and they died. Their leaves are beautiful when they change colors. Seeing the leaves change colors always reminded of a children’s book called Ginkgo and the Moon by Lisa Mertins. The story is about a ginkgo tree in love with the moon. The moon is always chasing the sun and does not see the ginkgo tree. The ginkgo tree tries to get the moon’s attention by having butterflies in its leaves but at night the moon could not see them. The ginkgo tries again with lightning bugs in the leaves. The moon stops briefly to watch the lights and this angers the sun. The sun sent a strong wind to blow all the leaves off the ginkgo tree. Saddened by the act, the moon makes sure that every autumn the leaves on the ginkgo tree change to gold.

Last year, we visited our daughter and her family in Maryland. We were able to watch the Canada geese flying over the Chesapeake Bay. It is beautiful to see them flying in formation. We are planning another trip this year and hope to see more of the waterfowl migration.

Now is the time to begin planning for the final harvest as the wheel of the year turns again.

Blessings of the Harvest Season


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