Winter Solstice 2016

Welcome to the Longest Day!

We have reached the shortest day of the year. Most of the country has already experienced the first taste of winter but for us in Florida, summer weather continues. We have had a few cooler nights and needed a blanket but have not turned on the heat yet. Today it was 89 degrees at my house and the evenings are still mild.turkeysandlantana

We have been blessed with the presence of the turkeys. This is a picture of them eating the berries off a lantana bush. They were going to town on it as if it was candy. Maybe it is to them. This year the brood numbered 23 between the mothers. They certainly are getting big. I cannot wait to see how many there are in the spring. A few weeks ago, one of the Black Southern Racer snakes popped out from under a palm treeI watched it go up into the holly tree and stick its head out almost eye level with me. At that point, I thought it was best to leave it alone.


I received an early present this year. My husband started looking at retriever puppies a couple of weeks ago. It has been 4-1/2 years since we lost our dear Savannah Jane. I looked at the Chesapeake Bay retriever rescue website and found a beautiful dog. He is 2-1/2 years old and his owner listed him as too hard to handle. This was his second owner in as many years and he has had three different names. After many emails back and forth with the owner and discussions with my husband, we decided to take him. The owner brought him to us last Friday and we have been getting to know each other. He 85 pounds of muscle! Since he has been here, we oncoltly put him in his crate one time at night. He has more manners than I expected and listens to commands. As I thought, his chewing problem is not his problem. With attention and chew toys, he does not have a chewing problem. This is a picture of my new boy, Colt, on the day he arrived. Look at the happy expression on his face. I am a much happier person having him here. I think we rescued each other.

I would like to take a moment to thank our contributors and readers. Without you, there would not be an Oracle. May you be blessed in the coming year with courage, health, prosperity and wisdom.

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Season’s Greetings,