Spring Equinox 2016

Welcome to the Season of Balance!

standingeggAlthough it is the first day of Spring, it may be difficult to believe when some areas of the country are still dealing with snow and cold weather.

We are celebrating the Spring Equinox. In the mythic cycle of the Goddess, the Maiden emerges from the Earth. The Goddess we honor this season is Ostara but she is also known as Eostre or Ostre. This is the time of year Dianics celebrate the Maiden aspect of the Goddess. We honor the renewal of the earth and the connection between mothers and daughters.

sandhillbabyHere in Florida, the turkeys are walking around preening. We will have many babies soon. We saw a pair of Sandhill Cranes out with their babies yesterday. They often will have two eggs but it is unusual for both chicks to survive. They are so fluffy with long legs. The parents will stay on the ground and will not fly until the chicks fledge.

It is a time of new beginnings. We should go outside and feel the sun on our faces. Think about what newness you would like to invite into your life. For me, I want to invite business opportunities and prosperity into my life. My soap business is up and running. I am excited to see where this venture will take me. I want to share my knowledge about natural products so everyone can make informed decisions about what products they use on their bodies.

I hope all of you have exciting new things in your lives.

Blessings of the Equinox Season,


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