Samhain 2016

Welcome to the Season of Samhain!

Full MoonHere we are celebrating the last harvest of the year. The days are getting shorter and nights longer. As we travel in the dark, sometimes we go within. It is a wonderful time for divination and meditation. We were lucky enough to get a few good photos of the October full moon. It truly was eerie yet beautiful.

Baby BlanketIt has been an interesting few months. Our seventh grandchild was born on September 27th. He is a beautiful healthy boy. I crocheted him a blanket to celebrate his arrival. It is so soft and I started making a blanket for each of the grandchildren. The color of this blanket is called ocean shades.

Bee KeeperEarlier this month, we had an incident with bees. My husband thought a large horsefly had gotten into the house. When he got a stool to stand on and looked, he realized it wasn’t a horsefly but was instead a honeybee. As he was getting down off the stool, he heard another one and another one. Before he knew it, there were seven bees flying around inside the window. Things got tricky really quick as I have bad reactions to bee stings.

He put on his “MacGyver” hat and had an ingenious way to get the bees out of the house. We used a Dyson vacuum. He removed the stick from the motor and sucked up the bees one at a time. My job was to get them outside as quick as possible. As soon as we got all seven out of the house, another one got inside. My husband went outside to see how they were getting in the house. He saw a small hole in near the fireplace where the honeybees were swarming. I called a wildlife removal company and they arrived within an hour. The technician explained the bees were probably misplaced during Hurricane Matthew. He put on his bee suit, confirmed the entry point for the bees. He sprayed a foam deterrent, which does not hurt the bees. It has a scent to it the bees do not like and they leave. The tech came back two more times since one day was overcast and the bees are only active when the sun is out.

Last week, we went to Maryland to meet our new grandson and spent a week visiting with old friends. We had a room overlooking a marina. I forgot how I miss being on the water. The weather was warmer than normal when we arrived but after two days returned to its normal temperatures. I spent many hours sitting on the balcony watching the birds fly and the water lapping against the boats. We saw Canada geese overhead honking as they flew by. It made me realize what I miss living in Florida. I miss the changing of the seasons.

Ducks in the marina

May you have a blessed Samhain,

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