First Fruits 2016

Welcome to the First Harvest

At this time of year, we are celebrating the first fruits. We celebrate the abundance of the harvest and mothers. We have spent the year planting and fertilizing our garden. Now we are reaping the fruits of the harvest. This does not have to be a physical garden. It could be something we are manifesting in the way of ideas or a project. We have worked hard to get to this point and now see the

This year, I will be a grandmother for the seventh time. My daughter is in her third babyyarntrimester and looks like she is ready to deliver at any time. She has been nesting by getting the baby’s room ready and it brings me great joy. She and her husband had tried to get pregnant for over three years. This is going to be such a special baby. My first project for the harvest is to crochet an afghan for the new baby.

moisturestickI have been working on several things. As some of you know, I have my own soap business (Belladonna’s Garden). I have been testing recipes for deodorant and moisturizer sticks. After learning how toxic aluminum can be in a body, my husband and I immediately stopped using deodorant. We opted for a more natural solution. We make magnesium oil and use it as a spray on our bodies. There are so many good benefits of magnesium and I found many people could be magnesium deficit and not realize it. Most times, the magnesium found in supplements does not provide enough to the body. By spraying it directly onto the skin, the magnesium is absorbed quickly. Now I find that when I do sweat, it is a cleaner sweat without so much of the smell. Since I have ditched commercially prepared and switched to using magnesium oil I feel healthier. Now we will be working on a recipe for a magnesium infused deodorant.

Recently I was a mentor at an orientation for new online students at the University of Florida. I love being on campus and it gives me a great feeling of belonging to something great. While there, we went to the Samuel P.  Harn Museum of Art. There was an Asian exhibition with beautiful statues. These are a few of the Goddess statues on display.


In addition, there was an exhibition of portraits of Frida Kahlo. She was so talented and the exhibit showed not only her paintings but also photographs taken throughout her life.

So while you enjoy the first fruits, remember to take a moment to be thankful to the land for the harvest.

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Blessings at the time of this First Fruits Harvest,