Beltane 2016

Welcome to Beltane!

passionflowercroppedHere in Florida we are in the middle of summer weather with  temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s. Sometimes I forget it is still spring in other areas of the country. The passion-flower is also blooming and I saw a Gulf Fritillary.


caterpillarI was happy to see the first caterpillar of the season happily eating away. There was a lone Monarch flying around laying eggs so I know there will be more caterpillars soon. We planted new milkweed plants this year.

soapsinbasketWe are adapting to the time change but it is always difficult for me. We always change the batteries in our smoke detectors and do a spring clean. At this time of year, ancient people would clean the temples and statues. It is a time of renewal but also a time of sensuality. We also need to clean our personal temples, our bodies. We need to pamper our bodies from our daily abuse. I have been trying out different products for Belladonna’s Garden and I must say I really feel pampered and spoiled. Not only does my skin feel good, my heart is soaring. When I make soap or other products, I am in my element. This side of me has been missing for a long time. I am coming back into myself and love it. I feel fulfilled!

dawnarcheryIn the Dianic tradition, we honor the first blood. The young Goddess is the Virgin but that does not mean she is a virgin in the physical sense. It means she is whole in herself and no man possesses her. At this time of year, we honor Diana and Artemis. Both of these Goddesses are also moon and the hunt. They are often depicted with a bow and either a dog or a stag. They are strong independent women!

In honor of those Goddesses, another love had returned in my life. I purchased a beautiful Samick Sage 2 Recurve Bow. I have not shot a bow in 37 years but it was like riding a bike.

targetpracticeI was nervous when I nocked the first arrow and lifted the bow. I took a deep breath and released the arrow. It felt as if all of my stress left my body in the arrow and when I heard the thump of the arrow hitting the target, it was pure bliss. I can see how this could be a type of meditation. I was extremely pleased with myself when I hit the target and even got a bull’s eye. In this photo, you can see the arrows are at an angle. The reason is that the first arrow hit the upper left corner of the target so hard it moved the target. I was over the moon!

Even though I am crossing the threshold from Mother to Crone, in my own way, I am honoring the Maiden Goddess this Beltane. My wish for you is that you can connect and honor the Maiden within you.

Blessings of the Beltane Season,


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