Winter Solstice 2015

Welcome to the Longest Night!


It seems like just yesterday when I was writing the introduction to the Imbolc issue. The year has flown by. When the year began, I said it was going to be the year of good health. It turned out to be the opposite. I had one health challenge after another but am happy to say they are all behind me now.

I have a different idea for the next year. In this issue, I wrote the article “What is a Resolution?” I do not make specific resolutions each year but say what I would like to happen in the coming year. For 2016, I want to achieve a deeper connection to spirit through meditation, be more creative, have success in my business and enjoy life to the fullest.


This year we are experiencing a warmer than average winter. This week, our temperatures will be in the 80s. It is hard to get into the holiday spirit when the weather is that warm. We decided not to put up the big tree and had two smaller trees instead. Three of our granddaughters (ages 13, 11 and 7) came over to help decorate. They did an amazing job and I was so proud of them. What was supposed to be a few hours to decorate turned into a spontaneous sleepover. We spent hours making stuff with fusible beads. It was the first time we used them and I was surprised how well they turned out.

minionbobMy husband surprised me this year with a new outdoor decoration. He gave me an inflatable Minion Bob who has been peeking in the window for a few weeks now. I am happy to say Bob did not scare me at night as I expected, although it is strange to see big eyes looking in the window.

bluecandlesThe winter solstice is a time of quietness and serenity. In the Dianic tradition, it is the time of conception. The hag turns to seed and returns to the earth. From this seed, the Goddess creates new life. During the winter months, we gather with others but we need to have time to listen to the stillness of the season. It is in the dark of the year we rest and recharge as we wait for Imbolc and the increasing light. Take the time to connect with yourself and think about the future.

Embrace the dark.

Blessings of this Solstice Season,

Photos by Dawn Thomas

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Dawn “Belladonna” Thomas is a High Priestess and Elder of The Apple Branch, a Dianic Tradition. She is the editor and book reviewer for the Oracle and was the Treasurer for The Global Goddess, a non-profit organization. She recently graduated from the University of Florida fulfilling a lifelong goal of completing her college education. She has been published in several magazines for her paper crafting designs. She is the owner of Belladonna’s Garden and makes homemade soaps. She is an avid gardener and lives in Florida with her husband. Other book reviews can be found on her Blog: