Imbolc 2015

Welcome to Imbolc and the Season of Increasing Light

INTROlittlevisitorToday we celebrate Imbolc. Some call this day Candlemas. We know this day as Bridget’s day. We honor her today and the women that tend her eternal fires. It is a time when mothers feel life moving inside. It is the time for seeds to be bursting from their shells or pods and begin sending out a shoot that will break through the cold earth to become a seedling. In some Christian services the priest or minister bless throats.

INTROquickeningThe wheel has turned again and we find outsides looking for longer days and warmer times. The weather has turned snowy and sometimes it feels as if spring is a long time away. The days are so short and the cold weather seeps into your bones. Then you notice a tiny white or yellow or even purple head peeking up through the snow and you know spring is just around the corner. Everyone is looking for a place to get warm. This little one paid us a visit the other day in our bathtub. We still are not sure how he got there but he was very thirsty.

Since Groundhog Day is also celebrated I included an old English song which explains about his shadow.

If Candlemas be fair and bright,
Come, Winter, have another flight;
If Candlemas brings clouds and rain,
Go Winter, and come not again.

The maple trees in my yard have buds on them along with the hummingbird bushes. This is the quickening moon and in the Celtic calendar, Imbolc occurs during the Luis Ogham. The poet Amergin wrote “I am a lake upon a plain” for this time of year which gives references to the melting snows and the flooding after.

Today I noticed the first blueberries of the season. I wonder who will get to enjoy them me or the rabbits. Last year was our first year for berries. May the plants be blessed with health and long life.

I hope the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow or the frost will damage the buds. Since this is the beginning of a new year I restored my tradition of placing blue candles in the window. For me the blue signifies healing so the light of the candle will extend healing all around the house.


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May you all be blessed and stay warm.


Photos by Dawn Thomas

Dawn “Belladonna” Thomas is a High Priestess and Elder of The Apple Branch, a Dianic Tradition. She is the editor and book reviewer for the Oracle and was the Treasurer for The Global Goddess, a non-profit organization. She recently graduated from the University of Florida fulfilling a lifelong goal of completing her college education. She has been published in several magazines for her paper crafting designs. She is the owner of Belladonna’s Garden and makes homemade soaps. She is an avid gardener and lives in Florida with husband.
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