Samhain 2015

Welcome to the Global Goddess Oracle  – Samhain 2015!

leaves  We are celebrating the final harvest of the year. Here in Florida it is difficult to see the changing of the seasons. This year I noticed. The changes are subtle but there if you look for it. Some of the leaves on the maple and red oak trees are beginning to turn colors but they are not the same as the colors up north. The acorns on the live oaks have turned brown and black and the hollies have bright red berries. Yesterday we found two Monarch chrysalis and we are waiting for birthing day.

blackacornWe are elbow deep in soap making. So far, we have made eight loaves and have 49 bars cut and curing. I mixed up the scents when adding the colors so the lemongrass soap is brown and the nutmeg is brown. Oh well, such is life. Tonight’s batch was perfect. It was just the right consistency and the scents match the colors. Making soap is very therapeutic. It could be I am paying so much attention to the soap I forget about everything else. I made a sample batch of lotion bars and was pleased how they turned out. I gave out a few sample bars and am waiting for feedback.

soapbarsWe are celebrating the Day of the Dead with a flourish this year. I was surprised how popular the day has become. Most of the stores have Day of the Dead decorations. We decorated with the sugar skulls we made last year along with a new little tree and a new tablecloth. We plan to spend some quiet time with each other talking about our ancestors and telling stories.

deadofthedead2015At this time of year, I usually reflect on the past year and his year is no different. Most of year I have dealt with one health issue after another. I am facing a new challenge now but know everything will turn out well in the end.

May you all be blessed with an abundance harvest.

Have a safe and happy Samhain.


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