First Harvest 2015

Welcome to the First Harvest

Beach BracletThe summer is flying by. My granddaughters came down for a visit and we had a wonderful time. They helped me prepare the oat projects for my article. We also made bracelets and lavender eye masks. The lavender made the house smelt so good. I cannot believe it is August already. School will be back in session before we know it. It is hard to believe I have been out of school for a year. It seems like only yesterday I walked across the stage.

pillowI am still recovering from my illness but know I am getting better. I still have a problem going outside because of the humidity makes the hard too thick to breathe. New breathing medicine has made all the difference in my breathing. So although the year of good health hasn’t turned out the way I would have liked I have seen healthy changes in my life. Who knows maybe next year the health I was hoping for will happen.

Every day I think about Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning. I thought it was a coincidence I reviewed, The Practical Art of Divine Magic. The author asked a question about what ideals you value. He asks the reader to take inventory with a pen and paper and record them in order of importance. At first I had a hard time with this exercise because I wasn’t sure which values I thought were more important. After reading the author’s example I agreed the most important value for me was freedom. If I didn’t have freedom I would not have accomplished what I have. This is a value some may take lightly. We must remember there are others who put their lives on the line for freedom and others who may never be fortunate to find it. So I ask, which values are precious to you?

HarvestWe have been in the rainy season since June and with the weather we had recently there is no doubt in anyone’s mind. In the neighboring county people are being forced from their homes because of flooding. You always say it will could never happen to you and then it does. We have been lucky and I always thank Goddess for that. This is a view of one of our summer storms.

May your harvest season be fruitful and safe.


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All photos by Dawn Thomas

Dawn “Belladonna” Thomas is a High Priestess and Elder of The Apple Branch, a Dianic Tradition. She is the editor and book reviewer for the Oracle and was the Treasurer for The Global Goddess, a non-profit organization. She recently graduated from the University of Florida fulfilling a lifelong goal of completing her college education. She has been published in several magazines for her paper crafting designs. She is the owner of Belladonna’s Garden and makes homemade soaps. She is an avid gardener and lives in Florida with husband. Other book reviews can be found on her Blog:

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