Samhain 2014

Welcome Samhain!


We have been celebrating the harvest season and now have reached the end although the weather here in Florida feels more like summer. Yet the weather forecast for some areas includes snow.

That is just crazy.

dragon fliesThis is my first autumn season without college classes in three years and I am enjoying my time outside. I am looking closely and see subtle changes in the trees. I sat under one of the live oaks and listened to the leaves and acorns drop to the ground. The leaves on the two ginkgo trees have turned gold and dropped off already. They look like dead sticks but the dragonflies use them as landing points.

queenmaleoct14We are still in butterfly season and had a successful birthing and release yesterday of a male Queen butterfly.

I saw a news segment on television on how you can tell the changes in the season by the cups at Starbucks. The news reporter said once Starbucks announced its pumpkin latte everyone knew fall had arrived. I cannot comprehend that concept. Last week a friend of mine went to the store for some Halloween decorations. She posted a picture of what she found—Christmas trees, decorations, and fake snow.

Has the fall season been forgotten by people eager to celebrate the winter holidays? The sad thing is Thanksgiving seems to be lost. We should be celebrating what we are thankful for instead of trying to rush through the rest of the year. There is enough hustle and bustle without causing it ourselves.

This year I finally made sugar skulls to celebrate the Day of the Dead. We had a craft day with the granddaughters and decorated cookies along with the skulls. I think my ancestors would be proud of our results.


I would like to express my gratitude to the contributors and readers of the Oracle. Without you the Oracle would not exist and that would be a shame. I wish all of you a happy and healthy Samhain.

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Blessings of the season,

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