Fall Equinox 2014

Welcome to a Time of Balance.

The wheel of the year has turned again and we have reached the fall equinox. Here in Florida there is a subtle change. The leaves on one of my gingko trees have begun to turn yellow but the leaves on the other tree are still green. The lantana and verbena bushes are beginning to die back. My blackberries are also finished blooming and the berries are gone. There are a few Monarch caterpillars looking for places to make chrysalis.

I am beginning to adjust to life after school. I have let so many things slide and now I realize there is more than I thought. My energy level feels like it is dropping and it is hard to get going. On top of that I have been suffering with headaches almost every day and still have a brace on my wrist. I hope this time of balance will bring balance back to my life.

yellow rainbow

I took this photo of a rainbow with a yellow sky the other day. It was so eerie I had to get a picture.

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May you all be blessed with abundance during this second harvest.



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