Beltane 2014

Welcome to the Season of Fire!

Here in Florida we went from winter directly to the middle of summer. The heat and humidity has been high this week in particular. As I sit here looking out the window I am watching a pair of mockingbirds doing a mating dance and dragonflies finding the perfect place to perch. We moved to Florida at the end of April 2005. Every year I watch the wheel of the year turn slowly and look for subtle signs of the changing seasons. We were lucky this past winter with a more mild winter than in the past few years.

I try to spend some time outside every day. Whether it is looking for caterpillars, watering plants or just taking pictures, I feel my connection to Mother Earth deepening.

May is a time of transformation for me. Maybe it is the fire of inspiration that burns brightest during this time. Maybe because it is the Celtic tree cycle of Huath, hawthorn when in ancient times temples were cleaned and statues were bathed. This is a time for Remember that your body is also a temple. Take time to cleanse yourself and feel renewed. Be inspired. Find something you are passionate about and take a chance. Connect with Kenaz, the rune of inspiration and knowledge.

A symbol of transformation is the frog. Where we live in Florida, it would be hard not to see a frog but for me they have become more personal. They have appeared in my house, in the sink, in the toilet, hopping from room to room. When I see one inside I know transformation is ahead. This spring I have been visited by another creature of nature – baby grasshoppers. Somehow they were hatching inside the house. That will remain a mystery. We caught them in glasses and took them outside. We don’t know where they came from or how they got grasshopper

One of the herbs for the season is belladonna, the deadly nightshade. When I first began walking the Dianic path, I knew I needed a name to reflect my journey. I choose Belladonna because I could be a beautiful woman or a deadly poison. The choice was always mine. As time passes I sometimes think I have grown out of the name but then I always return to my roots. I even named the blog I use for book reviews, Becoming Belladonna.

Savannah JaneIn May I am also remembering my sweet Savannah Jane who has been gone this past two years. It is hard to believe it has been that long already. She still comes to visit us. Last month she visited my husband. He heard her walk into the bedroom, her toenails clicking on the floor and then she lay down and starting licking her feet. When he told me it made me smile to know she is still here with us. Today her tree bloomed – the first magnolia bloom of the year.

As we celebrate Beltane, embrace your sexuality and passion. We need to acknowledge this on a regular basis even when real life gets in the way. Try to add something into your day to remind you of the passion that burns within you.

May you be inspired by the Beltane Fire.

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